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Roots of Europe

Roots of Europe – Language, Culture, and Migrations was an interdisciplinary research project that explored early European history and prehistory, primarily from the perspectives of comparative linguistics, archaeology, religion and genetics.

The main group of researchers was located at the University of Copenhagen; in addition, a number of more loosely associated researchers come from the universities of Aarhus, Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Riga, Würzburg, Freiburg, Jena, Münster, Cologne, Munich, Göttingen, Utrecht, Oxford, Princeton, Los Angeles, Wilamette, Cornell, Marburg and Idaho.

The project was funded by the Danish Ministry of Education as a Programme of Excellence and is hosted by the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen.

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This blog

The present blog publishes posts from all researchers associated with the Roots of Europe. The subject-matter is language, culture, and migrations in prehistorical Europe.

We welcome articles, reviews, news, feature stories, pensées, essays and audio-visual content such as recorded lectures and streaming clips from radio or TV programmes, which will be open for general discussion.

Everybody is allowed to comment on the posts: click on “comment” below the article heading.


All posts are categorized according to their general subject and tagged with a number of central key words, to be used by readers browsing for specific subjects. The predefined categories and subcategories are:

  • Culture + Migrations (Archaeology, Folklore, Genetics, Indo-European culture, Mythology, Religion)
  • Education/Courses
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Language (Albanian, Anatolian, Armenian, Balto-Slavic, Celtic, Germanic, Greek, Indo-European linguistics, Indo-Iranian, Italic, other language families, Tocharian, Uralic; Comparative linguistics, Linguistic contacts, Linguistics (other))
  • Related fields


The results, ideas, opinions etc. presented in the posts and comments of this blog represent the views of the individual contributors. As such, they do not necessarily represent the official opinion of Roots of Europe. In other words, contributors are responsible for their own writings.

Roots of Europe will not perform editing on posts or comments, as long as the debate is kept in a sober and respectful tone.